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I am a 51 year old real estate agent. In my business first impressions are so important, but I've not always had the best of skin. I searched for years for a skin care product that could help me with my problem skin and take those crows feet and fine lines away. I've tried a lot of products over the years but nothing seemed to do the trick, until I found Ashley. Now my fine lines are gone and my skin has a lighter and more youthful rosy glow to it. I truly feel ten years younger. Discovering Ashley is like discovering the "fountain of youth"!

I have been using the products now for nearly a year and I noticed a difference in my skin right away. I am post-menopausal and went through several changes both hormonal and with my skin. I began to use this skin care line after trying several other expensive products. I was more than happy when I noticed the smoothness and the youthfulness of my skin. I am over 40 and had some acne scarring from when I was a teenager, you wouldn't believe the change it made in my attitude. Thank you Ashley, I will be a lifelong member.

I am the featured twirler for all of the University of Texas football games, and being in the spotlight I was always worried that when I was twirling, with all the make-up caked on and all my pimples everywhere that the fans would see that. I was really embarrassed, and so I tried every kind of skin care around, from the drug store kind to the expensive department store brands but none of them really did the trick. When I discovered the Ashley Skin Care System I noticed results right away. Right when I was cleansing my skin I was starting to notice results. My skin felt firmer, it felt a lot smoother and it worked immediately. So I have a lot more confidence when I go out

I have only been using the product now for 4 months and already the ladies in the office have commented on my skin. I can't tell you what that has done for my self-esteem. I was very apprehensive considering I have tried all kinds of other products promising miracles and have been more than disappointed. I answered your ad and began the skin care line.
I was very excited about beginning the products because your specialist had so much useful information, she walked me through every step and has been there for me every step of the way. My thanks to you and your company.

I'm a long-time athlete, and through the years of being in the outdoor elements my face started to look years older than it actually was. I wanted a product that would give me a more youthful looking face and one that would protect my face from the weather. I tried dozens of different products, then I saw your infomercial. Within two weeks my face never felt so good. The refreshing and tingling sensation was overwhelming. Within weeks the fine lines around my eyes and mouth began to diminish. I'll never forget that day when I looked in the mirror, my fine lines and wrinkles were GONE!!!


Until my late 30s, it had never been typical for me to spend money/time buying and applying cosmetics; it did not fit in with my lifestyle. However, realizing the importance of maintaining youthful skin I began trying various lines of skin care products, including Ashley Skin Nutrition. In every other case I lost interest in the product, although, somehow, the Ashley skin care system has me hooked. Here, on the eve on my 45th birthday, I placed another order. Thanks Ashley, my skin still looks terrific.