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History of Nuvo Skincare and Ashley Skincare products

For over 15 years the Ashley Skin Care products have been marketed under different companies and formulations.

In 1997, Ashley of Beverly Hills, utilizing the H+ Beauty System, successfully marketed the products in infomercials and print ads. Celebrities like Cathy Lee Crosby endorsed the product. 

A second infomercial was produced around 2001 featuring Ashley Skin Nutrition where Dr. Brad Glick, Board Certified Dermatologist, concluded that the advanced formulations in the new Ashley products help people with younger looking skin. 

In 2002, the Ashley Skin Care line continued to be marketed under the name Ashley Skin Nutrition with Nuvo Body.  

The line in 2005 expanded to include products to complete a dry skin system while also adding ancillary products like Silky Vitamin Anti Aging Serum. In 2013, LATCH'S NUVO, LLC, took over the company and continues to deliver quality products under the Ashley Skin Nutrition Brand.

Currently the Ashley products are sold online and direct to the consumer.  Wholesale opportunities are now available for qualified accounts.

Contact us at LATCH'S NUVO, LLC, 2630 W ROUNDBUNCH RD, ORANGE, TX 77630,